Comprehensive Specialised Cleaning

Our Services

We provide a window cleaning and high-level cleaning service to the domestic, industrial, commercial and retail sectors. We offer conventional window cleaning, rope-access cleaning, and cleaning with the new reverse osmosis water-fed pole system.


  • Full Service Commercial Window Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Aluminium Restoration
  • Pressure cleaning of facades and various signage


  • Full Service Residential Window Cleaning
  • Doors, Windows & Shutters
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Aluminium Restoration


  • Full Service Industrial Window Cleaning
  • Factory Windows, Skylights, etc.
  • Pressure cleaning of facades and various signage


  • Full Service Retail Window Cleaning
  • Display Windows, Roof Windows
  • Pressure cleaning of Signage and Facades

Please call us should you require our services and we will provide you with a competitive quote.

Reverse Osmosis

Water Fed Pole System

We have recently attended the Interclean Convention in Amsterdam and were one of the first South African based companies to import the latest technology in window cleaning: the revolutionary water-fed pole system.

The operation involves the use of normal tap water that is fed through a Reverse Osmosis System, which filters the water into pure water. This pure water is then carried through lightweight carbon poles that are connected to brushes with which the windows are cleaned. As the water is pure, there is no necessity for the use of chemicals and the windows dry streak-free as there are no impurities for debris to adhere to. These poles can reach up to 20 metres largely removing the need for ladders.

The 3 major advantages to the water-fed pole system are:
• No chemicals are needed, making it environmentally friendly.
• No need for ladders, scaffolding and often rope access, making it safer as all cleaning can be effected from the ground.
• Much quicker than conventional window cleaning methods, thereby reducing interference on sites.

We now have 2 teams working with this system and hope to introduce more to provide all our clients with this innovative and efficient cleaning methodology.

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