Recently formed, Sol-A-Wash is involved in the cleaning of PV modules (solar panels) on rooftops of commercial and industrial properties, as well as large-scale solar farms in the Northern Cape.

We employ and train members of the local community to carry out the work on the outlying solar farms, with our experienced Operations Manager overseeing the project.

We make use of the Unger water-fed pole system, using deionised water or water treated by reverse osmosis.  This process purifies the water with the result that it dries without any streaking whatsoever.

We have recently completed the cleaning of 140 000 PV modules, on two farms near Douglas, with excellent results.

Small scale solar panel cleaning on residential properties can be done, in conjunction with the cleaning of windows, in order to make it more cost effective for both ourselves and the client.

Please feel free to call us for a no-obligation quotation.